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Monday 15th May
Tuesday 16th May
12:30pm Foodbank
Wednesday 17th May
Thursday 18th May
Friday 19th May
10:00am Foodbank
Saturday 20th May
Sunday 21st May
Monday 22nd May
Tuesday 23rd May
12:30pm Foodbank
Wednesday 24th May
Friday 26th May
10:00am Foodbank
Saturday 27th May
Sunday 28th May
Monday 29th May
Tuesday 30th May
12:30pm Foodbank
Wednesday 31st May
Thursday 1st June
Friday 2nd June
10:00am Foodbank
Saturday 3rd June
Sunday 4th June
Monday 5th June
Tuesday 6th June
12:30pm Foodbank
Wednesday 7th June
Thursday 8th June
Friday 9th June
10:00am Foodbank
Saturday 10th June
Sunday 11th June
Monday 12th June
Tuesday 13th June
12:30pm Foodbank
7:30pm Gateway
Wednesday 14th June
Thursday 15th June
Friday 16th June
10:00am Foodbank
Saturday 17th June
Sunday 18th June
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Be Greeted

It can be hard showing up to a church for the first time. If you are new and would like to have someone meet you and show you around, please fill in the form below and we'll get back to you.


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