Mission Partners

We are a church that wants to support members of our congregation who feel called to be a missionary, whether it's on a short term placement or longer term venture, both here in the UK and overseas.

Scroll down to get more information on those we are currently supporting, who are ministering God's love around the world; as well as details of our Mission Committee and Mission Strategy.


Even if you don’t know much about or never met our Mission Partners, please continue to pray blessings upon them and their families – peace, love, joy, protection, perseverance, provision, wisdom, good health, trust in Him and revelation of His love for them and the people they serve. We believe that “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results” (James 5:16, NLT). Read below for prayer suggestions this Spring:

  • June 27-30: Foundation for Relief & Reconciliation in the ME
  • July  1-8: Corrie Sissons (Oxfam, overseas)
  • July  9-15: Micah Hooks (OM, Greece)      
  • July 16-22: Matt Hooks (Hope City Church, Sheffield, UK)
  • July 23-31: Heather Cox (OMF, UK/overseas)
  • August 1-9: Simon & Lizzie Guillebaud (GLO, Burundi)     
  • August 10-16: Lorraine Latin (WEC, UK & overseas)
  • August 17-23: Tearfund / Medair / HoverAid
  • August 24-31: Matt & Jess with Clare Granger (Frontiers, UK)
  • September 1-9: International Justice Mission
  • September 10-16: Mission Partner (OMF, South East Asia/UK)
  • September 17-23: Mike Campbell Foundation (Ben Freeth, founder)
  • September 24-30: Andy Moore (Zacharias Trust, UK & overseas)
Permissions Missionaries Need

Are you aware of the permissions which Missionaries need? Don’t be surprised when they thank you for giving them permission to be confused and to be flawed! You might enjoy this blog post.

Mission Partners

Mission Committee
Follow the link for details of our Mission Committee.
Mission Strategy
St Mark's Mission Strategy (58.0KB)



For further information contact Jolita at Jolita.Vadopalaite@smbr.org.uk
or call 020 7223 6188


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