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Looking for an opportunity to love your neighbour?

Look no further! We have been presented with an opportunity to show love to members of our community by doing some practical jobs for them. So why not get together as homegroup or with few friends and get involved? Together we can help:

  • A vulnerable elderly gentlemen who requires assistance in clearing his garden in the Wandsworth area.
  • Local vulnerable family of 6 with 4 young children under the age of 6, need assistance with painting their new home.
  • Garden clearance for a vulnerable couple in SW17
  • A CAP client needs an overgrown hedge, which is spilling out into the road, trimming back. She lives in the SW17 area.

Hurry!!! get in touch with Dan Burrows and be the first to show God's love to our community.


Kateryn Florez, 23/05/2017


We are looking for...

people who may be available in the day time, or evening, willing to be part of a team of volunteers who could help make home visits or deliver food as part of our Support Net.   People would usually visit in pairs and under the over-sight of a St Marks staff member.  To find out more contact Kat.





For further information on our Support Network, or to offer help, contact Kateryn at or call 020 7326 9416


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