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Ice Cream Sunday

Ice Cream Sunday 2019 event

Sunday 7 July, 9.30 & 11.15am.

The popular Remarkables annual guest event, Ice Cream Sunday, is coming up again during the morning services. Children in Reception – Yr 5 will be enjoying water games, activities and ice cream, and those under 5 will have a special treat in their sessions too.

The adult services will be tailored for guests, as it's 'Big Questions Sunday', so do get inviting friends! Parents/carers – please help us to plan accordingly by giving an indication of how many children you are bringing with you using the form below and do consider coming to the 11.15 if you can (there are fewer children so more turns on every game!)

Please e-mail Elaine with any special dietary requirements (we have already made provision for a dairy-free alternative).
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Number of children you're bringing (including your own):


For further information contact our office at office@smbr.org.uk
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