About Us

A community that's full of life and full of faith

Our overall vision at St Mark's, is helping people come home to God.

We don't believe in standing still - growth means embracing change, personally and together. Capture the vision for the next stage in our journey: we'd love you to be part of it...

Join us on Sundays to find out more: services at 9.30am or 11.15am (with children's church for 0-11s, and youth group for 11-14s during term-time) or at the SIX (with cafe from 5.30pm).

What matters to us

We’re Bible People

I’ve come to the Bible this week as God’s word to me. What I don’t understand I humbly reserve judgment on; what I do, I resolve to obey even if it is counter-cultural.

We’re a Worshipping People

I engage eagerly, tending in the large gathering to the front not the back, the centre not the edge, to arrive early rather than late. I open myself to the touch of God in worship, engaging in experience my full voice, spirit, mind, emotions and body.

We’re Jesus’ Gospel People

I look for opportunities to share Christ with others, and I invite people I am in contact with to seasonal festivals, services, events, courses, seminars, men’s/women’s/family events, Alpha.

We’re Holy Spirit People

I am eager to grow in the spiritual gifts – both the natural ones I have from birth and human development, and the supernatural ones God wants to grow in me.

We’re Prayerful People

I’m eager for prayer ministry on Sundays, and in midweek groups, and I’ve received or given prayer in the last month. I have joined this month one of the regular intercession groups in the church to bring before God corporately the needs of the church, nation and world.

We’re Connected People in Small Groups

I’m in an accountable small group, under leadership accountable to St Mark’s, who are able to challenge as well as support me.

We’re People with a Ministry for Everyone

I am involved in Christian service, both in my regular work, and in a St Mark's ministry as an expression of my commitment to the church’s vision.

We’re People of our Local Community

I volunteer in one of the local community ministries.

We’re Generous People

I give of my treasure, my time and my talents, in a sacrificial way. I am pledged financially to the 2016 ministry vision of St Mark's, and give in a planned, tax-effective way.

We’re Diverse People

I am committed to meeting new people, not only old friends, in an intentionally diverse community, racially, socially, in age and culture. I invite into my home people on the margins of society: the poor, the excluded, ex-offenders, those who are ill, unemployed, in debt or conflict.


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