Church for kids aged 0-11

Helping kids grow in friendship with Jesus

Remarkables, church for kids aged 0-11, takes place during the Sunday morning services. Kids and leaders have fun as they get to know Jesus through a mix of worship, games, drama, craft, sharing and prayer times. Groups are split by age groups and teaching is tailored to fit.

Our vision is that all of the children will have fun as they get to know God and one another better:
  • through Jesus-centred teaching;
  • through experience of the ministry of and beginning to move in gifts of the Holy Spirit;
  • by keeping an outward focus, inviting their friends to get to know Jesus as well as being concerned with issues of justice in God's world.
We are passionate about seeing kids meeting with Jesus and realising all that God has created them to be. We encourage kids to develop and use their gifts in the body of the church, and love to see this happen!

We also organise a variety of events throughout the year designed to help our kids share their faith with their friends - Light Night, Ice Cream Sunday and other social events, none of which are to be missed!



For further information or to join the team contact Elaine at
or call 020 7326 9421


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