Parenting Teens


What is it?

The Parenting Teenagers evenings based on the Family Time Parenting Teenagers course developed by Paul and Christine Perkin. They provide a wonderful opportunity for parents to connect with other parents facing similar issues through the teenage years.

Parents of teenagers easily become isolated from each other when there is no more standing at the school gate or collecting children from each other’s homes.

This course provides a place for ongoing friendship and support. It also provides an opportunity to take a fresh look at our parenting – at the relationship we have built with our children and how we can help that to grow.

It aims to help parents identify the areas in which they are strong, and those where they wish to improve.

Who is it for?

Sometimes it feels like your teenage children are living in another world. Parenting Teenagers is for all parents wanting to retain a guiding hand in their teenagers' lives, while learning to give them the space they need to stretch their wings and fly.

A typical evening

We begin at 7.30pm with food, followed with a talk, exercises and discussion groups from 8pm and finishing by 9.30pm.

What are people's experiences of the course?

'It gave us fresh hope and motivation to reconnect with our teenager.'

'The course allowed us to be real about our struggles.' 'After our first classic teenage confrontation, we referred back in desperation to the handbook. It all began to make sense! It was so helpful to remind each other how we might handle it differently next time.'

'It was such a relief to realise that we shared similar experiences with other parents of teenagers – we weren’t the only ones!'

'We loved getting together with other parents in a relaxed atmosphere.'

'We enjoyed the discussion groups when we looked at the different scenarios – they were very real to life and made us think very practically about some of the issues.'

Weekly topics

The Teenage Universe: 'A Galaxy far, far away'
Teenage Communication: 'On the Radar Screen'
Teenage Growth: 'Built to Last'
Teenage Tensions: 'Boundaries and Battlefields'
Teenage Issues: 'Security, Sex and Substances'
Teenage Pressures: 'Consumerism, Cash and Cyberspace'

Next course 22 February-8 March 2018.



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