Christians Against Poverty

In partnership with award winning charity Christians Against Poverty, we offer free debt and money advice to anyone in need of it in Wandsworth.

We exist because nobody should be held hostage by debt and poverty. But the truth is that they are rife in the UK. In a society where people live behind closed doors, thousands are desperately poor. Unable to feed their children, incapable of paying to heat their homes in winter, the grip of poverty is relentless. It breaks families apart and drives many to think that suicide is the only solution. We are passionate about releasing people  from a life sentence of debt, poverty and their causes. Through our services, we are tackling poverty head on.
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For an appointment with our CAP Centre please call our freephone appointment line 0800 328 0006.

With years of experience helping thousands of people get to grips with their finances, CAP has also produced its very own CAP Money Course. Visit the page to find out more about this free resource.

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CAP runs throughout the year. If you can, please offer an hour or an evening, afternoon, morning - whatever is suitable for you - please visit the serving opportunities page to find out more.

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