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In 2012 we formed a partnership with Mariakani Baptist Church in Kenya...

On 27 June 2013 a team of 25 members of St Mark's set out to visit our friends at Mariakani. And then we climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and raised over £50,000 for Compassion!

It was so good that we're planning on doing it again in 2017! Click here for more information on the trip.

Mariakani Baptist Church

Mariakani Baptist Church is located in Duruma, 38km northwest of Mombassa, Kenya. The community of Duruma is home to approximately 45,000 people. Typical houses are constructed of dirt floors, adobe walls and grass or thatch roofs. The primary ethnic group living in Duruma is Duruma and the languages they speak most commonly are Swahili and Kiduruma.

Most adults in Duruma are unemployed but some work as labourers and earn the equivalent of £16 per month. The community faces an unemployment rate of 70% and they are in need of further income opportunities.

Mariakani Baptist Church ensures that vulnerable children in their community receive food and nutritional advice, clothing, medical and dental check-ups, educational opportunities and social and emotional care. Most importantly, the children also get an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel. As two churches in partnership, our aim is to change the world for these children.

Compassion aids this by:compassionlogo

  • Providing information, support and resources to help us connect with issues of poverty and experience God’s heart for the poor.

  • Helping to arrange trips for us to visit the projects we support.

  • Helping to arrange visits for individual sponsors to meet their sponsored children.

Our prayer is that we will be transformed as we draw close to children and families in this poor area of the world and see God’s power in new ways.

If you would like to sponsor a child in Mariakani please email

St Mark's family's recent visit to Mariakani (April 2016)

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"We had a fantastic time spending the day in Mariakani at the beginning of April while we were in Kenya on holiday. We were warmly welcomed both by Gladys, the Project Co-ordinator at the Baptist Church and also by the church staff and school staff. We met William Videde, the Baptist Minister, who was just back from a trip to the States, but keen to hear news of St Mark's, and we also met the Headteacher of the School based at the Church, which all the sponsor children attend. We had a happy half hour being sung to by each class and having photos taken with the teachers! 
After this, we went on a grand drive around Mariakani and its outskirts, visiting our three sponsor families who lived in three very different circumstances, and along with giving us a warm welcome, water to drink and gifts, also gave us a good insight into their lifestyles and livelihoods. We had a lovely connection with each of our sponsor children and a great time playing and travelling with them as we made the visits. This was followed by a delicious lunch at the Project with our sponsor children and staff members, and then a look at the files of our sponsor children. We finished by presenting them with food baskets, having some more photos taken and praying before we left. The whole day was very easy to organise thanks to the helpfulness of the UK Compassion field visit co-ordinator, and a lot of fun!  But most of all, it gave us such an insight into a different culture and lifestyle and a stronger, more personal connection with our sponsor children!"



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