Counselling Resources

Listed below are a number of links to websites you may find of interest, whether looking for help for yourself, resources for others or for training and conference opportunities. Please note we are not responsible for monitoring or maintaining information on these sites.

If you are looking for a professional counsellor who is a Christian, we particularly recommend the following two resources, both of which have a direct link to finding a counsellor on their web site.
Mind and Soul (For counsellors, go to Directory, then London Counsellors.)

The vision of Mind and Soul is:

  • To see local churches that understand mental distress and can support and help those who suffer from it. This will be by increasing awareness, reducing stigma and showing the love of Jesus.
  • To see Mental Health Services that understand the key contribution that Christianity can make: in recovery, in healing and in understanding the human soul.
  • To support innovative projects and initiatives that care for peoples' minds and souls in helpful and relevant ways. To see every part of the country involved, with a network of supportive churches and skilled professionals in every locality.

The Association of Christian Counsellors (A link to counselling resources is on the homepage.)
Two further counselling organisations have a long-standing reputation for good professional help:


Cornerstone is a well-established London-wide network of counsellors and psychotherapists who are practising Christians. People going through an emotionally difficult time in their lives often benefit enormously from therapy. With loads of therapies out there, many Christians recognise the value of professional help but fear that their faith will not be understood. Cornerstone therapists are all professionally regulated and have been qualified for some years. Visit the website for more information or to arrange a referral.
The Healing and Counselling Centre

The Healing and Counselling Centre offers a number of approaches to healing:

  • Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Mental Health Support Group
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Healing Prayer

For restorative time, a retreat may be helpful. Since the early days of the church, people have drawn apart to spend time with God. Conscious of the great benefits which have been found through this experience, men and women have formed groups within their own denominations to make this experience more widely known and available. These groups within Britain came together to form the Retreat Association, to foster and develop the rich and diverse expression of Christian spirituality.

For in-depth prayer visit

The Healing Mission has four aims: to be a place where people can come for prayer, to encourage churches in the healing ministry, to respond to requests for prayer, to train people and churches in the healing ministry.


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