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What is the Speak Hope Podcast?

As a follower of Christ, do you long to share the good news you have found with your family, friends and colleagues, but find that it’s not as easy as you would like?  Do you find yourself asking:  How do I spark the interest of people who are apathetic?  How do I handle the hard questions that come my way?  How do I make the most of the opportunities God gives me?

This podcast is to help people like you share the good news more confidently and effectively.  The apostle Peter tells us that the key is to BE PREPARED … so that’s what this podcast is all about.  Over the next few years, we are going to release 20-30 podcasts (usually 15 minutes long) with really practical tools to help you share your faith.  And we get super-specific, exploring things like:  What do I actually say when someone asks me about my weekend?  What should my first words be when someone asks me a really difficult or controversial question? 

With every episode comes a specific takeaway exercise so you can start putting things into practice immediately. You can even use the podcast as a small group resource.  In fact, many people have already found the content very helpful as the basis for some really fun and stimulating home group training sessions.

What are people saying about the podcast?
  • “Great podcast! So practical, engaging, challenging and encouraging.”  (Roger)
  • “The best practical advice I’ve heard about how to share your faith in the real world.” (Lisa) 
  • “Sharp. To the point. Insanely practical. Can't recommend it enough!” (Conrad)
  • “Engaging, practical and incredibly relevant… and infused with infectious joy!” (Katri)
  • “Quality! Just shared the episode on ‘3 reasons I’m glad’ with my home group and we all did it together. It was so powerful and encouraging.” (Chris) 
How do I get it?

Here are 3 simple ways to listen to the podcast:

  • iPhone users can simply subscribe through iTunes (or the Apple podcast app) by searching for: “Speak Hope Podcast”.
  • Android phone users have to download a podcast app such as Castbox (free), Soundcloud (free) or Pocket Casts.  Then search for: “Speak Hope Podcast”.
  • Or you can simply listen online through the St Mark’s website. Just go to our resources section and search: “Podcast”.
If you find it helpful…
We’re thrilled, and pray that God will bless you and make you fruitful in speaking hope. We'd also love it if you could help us spread the word by sharing it with your friends and churches.  Thank you so much if you do!
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