Josh and Danielle met at university where Josh studied Civil Engineering and Danielle studied International Studies and Spanish. They were married in 2014. They moved to London from Chicago in 2015 for Danielle's job, where they attended St. Marks for a year, until they heard God calling them to leave their jobs and do full-time ministry.

In August of 2017 they will be moving abroad to work full-time bringing the gospel to people who have limited access to information about Jesus.

They will be on staff with an international campus ministry in a sensitive area. Their work will involve introducing students to Jesus and discipling them in order to mobilize them to bring the gospel to other parts of the country. They will spend most of their time meeting with students one-on-one, so they can eventually share the gospel with them. They are really looking forward to building relationships with the students and teaching them to read the Bible for the first time.

Charlie Thomson