Helping people come home to God

“Go out… and urge anyone you find to come in, that my house will be full.”
Luke 14:23

Our Immediate Family

Church is not an event we go to but a family we belong to. Our immediate family is our church family at St Mark’s. We’ll be seeking to help one another in our ongoing journey home to God in all kinds of ways in the coming year, through courses; through training; through fellowship.

Our Extended Family

At St Mark’s we are united with our brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe. By joining forces with our Mission Partners, and organisations like Open Doors, Compassion and IJM, we will help people come home to God around the world.

Our Future Family

We care about those who have not yet come home to God. We want to equip each other in personal evangelism, and to enable our community ministries to act as milestones helping people come home to God. We will host regular events for those who want to explore coming home for themselves.
Living out this vision will not come without risk or cost. We’ll be challenging ourselves; what are we willing to give in terms of our love, money, time, prayers, testimony, hospitality, and service in order to help people come home to God either for the first time or as part of a continuing adventure of life with Him?

Meet our newly elected PCC